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Healthcare Compliance
Made Simple.

We empower healthcare providers, managed care organizations, and tech innovators to navigate complex regulations with comprehensive compliance solutions--including building, validating, and delivering compliance--helping reduce the risk of costly penalties and enhance overall compliance effectiveness.

What We Do

Simply Compliance is a hands-on healthcare compliance consultancy based in Pittsburgh, PA that serves clients nationwide. Our team is passionate about turning regulatory challenges into straightforward solutions so that our clients can better prevent and detect compliance violations, promote legal and ethical conduct, and reduce risks to their business.

At Simply Compliance, we believe that navigating healthcare compliance shouldn't be a solo journey. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, delving deep into the regulatory complexities that shape their operations. Our clientele spans across the healthcare spectrum, from nimble managed care organizations and dedicated healthcare providers to innovative health IT companies. Each faces their unique set of regulatory hurdles, dictated by an ever-evolving array of standards from various regulators and agencies.


It's a complex world, but you don't have to navigate it alone.

The Top 5 Reasons to Contact Simply Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Assessment: You want comprehensive compliance assessments to support compliance with relevant healthcare laws and regulations. We identify compliance gaps and provide actionable recommendations to keep you compliant.

Policy and Procedure Development: You need tailored compliance policies and procedures that fit your organization's specific needs. Our expertise ensures clear and effective guidelines that help you maintain compliance across all operations.

Training and Education: You aim to keep your staff informed and compliant with the latest regulations and best practices. Our expertly designed training programs provide regular updates and refresher courses to ensure your team is always up-to-date.

Audit and Monitoring: You want to stay ahead of compliance issues with proactive internal audits and ongoing monitoring. We help identify potential problems early and address them promptly, ensuring continuous adherence to your policies and procedures.

Incident Management and Reporting: You require effective and efficient management of compliance incidents. We establish robust protocols for incident response, conduct thorough investigations, report to regulatory bodies, and implement corrective actions to safeguard your organization.







Our Services

Personalized Compliance Solutions


Whatever your compliance needs, we've got you covered with services that span the full spectrum of healthcare regulations.


Here's what we offer:


Compliance Program Development

Customized strategies to build or enhance your program.


Data Privacy & Security

Expert guidance on maintaining privacy and security compliance.


Independent External Audit

Thorough audit assessment and preparation to identify and address non-compliance before a regulator does.


Risk Management

Proactive approaches to identify and mitigate compliance risks.


Regulatory Guidance

Up-to-date insights on healthcare regulations, final rules, and technical changes.


Education & Training

Engaging sessions designed to empower your team.


Flexible Compliance Support

Tailored compliance solutions to meet specific needs including fractional compliance support, compliance projects, or as and when needed compliance services.


Policy and Procedure Development

Clear compliance policies and procedures tailored to your organization.


Medicare & Medicaid Compliance

Robust support for compliance with Conditions of Participation, billing and documentation requirements.


Survey and Audit Preparation

Expert guidance on preparing evidence, interviewing techniques, and reviewing records in advance of a survey or audit.


Corrective Action

Comprehensive support for developing effective corrective action plans as a result of findings from surveys, audits, and investigations.

Who We Help

Who We Help


Managed Care Organizations




Home Health Agencies


Skilled Nursing Facilities


Home Care Agencies 


Hospice & Palliative Care Agencies


Physician Practices


Therapy Practices


Software Developers in the Health Space

Partner with Simply Compliance to strengthen your organization’s compliance program, reduce risks, and ensure you are always prepared for regulatory challenges. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your compliance needs.

Hypothetical In Real Life

Think you don't need compliance expertise? Think again.  Below is a tiny sample of real-life compliance failures that resulted in significant fines, penalties, and reputational damage. Discover how these examples highlight the importance of compliance and how Simply Compliance can help your business avoid similar risks.


Is compliance expertise worth the investment?  Absolutely.

From the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Penn Highlands Healthcare—a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation operating a hospital system in north, central, and western Pennsylvania—and several of its hospitals—including Penn Highlands DuBois, formerly known as DuBois Regional Medical Center—(together “Penn Highlands”) have agreed to pay the United States $735,000 to resolve a lawsuit alleging False Claims Act infringement through the submission of claims to Medicare and Medicaid resulting from violations of the Physician Self-Referral Law.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your compliance needs.

Who We Are

Jessica Zeff

Hi there, I’m Jessica Zeff, founder and lead consultant for Simply Compliance. 


With over 20 years of experience, I am passionate about healthcare compliance, and enjoy collaborating to navigate regulations and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Meet the Associates

It’s true, we know a lot about healthcare compliance but we can’t know it all – there’s just too much of it!  To offer our clients a more comprehensive compliance offering, Simply Compliance partners with a number of expert associates who specialize in specific compliance areas. 

Joe W.

Strategic Security Consultant

Security Assessment | Cybersecurity Strategy | Training | HITRUST | SOC 2 | ISO 27001

Erika B.

Certified Coder

Risk adjustment | RADV Audits | Coding & Billing

Molly K.

Compliance Analyst

Health Plan RFPs | Business Strategy | Medicaid & Medicare

Jack W.

Strategic Consultant

FDA | Medical Device Regulations | Quality Systems | ISO 14971 | ISO 13485


What Our Clients Say

I can recommend her highly as a very collaborative leader. She doesn't just digest regulations and issue edicts. She strives daily to understand the needs of the business and collaborates with the Product Management team to issue regulatory guidance that includes a weighing of the business risks and opportunities. She also initiated and managed a corporate wide initiative to make all our products compliant with the FHIR interoperability standard when there was a vacuum in leadership. She did this in a collegial manner, where a person with lesser EQ might have alienated the key leaders across the multiple departments and product lines. Instead, it became an initiative that people looked forward to and took pride in participating in. I would seek her out for my team in the future.

David Owen

The Latest in Compliance

The Compliance Diaries

Interested in seeing compliance through the eyes of a Compliance Officer?  Have a look at the Compliance Diaries!

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Our Blog

Our thoughts on hot topics and developments in the compliance space.

Compliance News & Updates

Compliance news we think will impact your business.

Compliance Resources

Wish you had a compliance library at your fingertips Now you do!

Compliance GPT

Looking for a comprehensive summary of a regulation, proposed or final rule, or other regulatory guidance?  Try our Compliance GPT!

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